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Redefining the retained recruitment model.

Assess, filter, and present candidates like never before.

Move from volatile contingency recruitment to trusted professional partner.

Work faster with integrated document signing, interview booking, and adaptive assessment tools.

Why you'll love using Hire Insight.


Candidate experience

Give candidates a red carpet experience and leave them in no doubt that your Agency is handling the role.

Hire Insight icon Reduce your admin time with online agreement to non-disclosure agreements Hire Insight icon Educate them about the employer and role with the brandable assignment overview page Hire Insight icon Easy to use interface that lets the candidate see exactly how they’ll be presented

Employer experience

Provide the framework for robust appointment decisions that last. Do this through an easy-to-use platform that is secure and viewable online from any device 24/7/365.

Hire Insight icon Share headshot, video, CV, psychometrics, key facts information, competency Q&As and more Hire Insight icon Engage stakeholders with restricted view profiles that keeps sensitive information like current compensation hidden Hire Insight icon Quickly build and share beautiful progress reports that keep clients right up to date

Make your recruiter life easier

Let the technology do the heavy-lifting so that you and your team can focus on what matters. All with a consistency of presentation that sets you apart from your competitors.

Hire Insight icon Ensure your research work and pool of candidates match your client’s vision with our briefing validation function Hire Insight icon Ditch the back and forth of arranging interviews with the built-in calendar function. Get booking confirmations and receive candidate preparation and post-interview follow-up reminders Hire Insight icon Quickly see candidate and campaign progress all in one place

Robust technology

The Hire Insight app is built on database technology designed specifically for secure, rapidly up-dateable and high demand web apps.

Hire Insight icon Minimise your support time with smart login - utilising SMS verification in place of hard-to-remember passwords Hire Insight icon Don’t lose any work with the auto-save while-you-work technology Hire Insight icon Easily customise the look, feel and access to your account so it feels like a native part of your existing website

Change the way you sell

You’ll no longer be at the mercy of the Recruitment Manager but a trusted advisor to the Board.

Hire Insight icon Save time on pitch demonstrations with the content-rich demo feature that resets any changes once your demo has finished Hire Insight icon 97% of hires with Hire Insight last over 2 years; your work becomes a cost saving versus the traditional approach and results Hire Insight icon Build a valuable library of interim specialists with our rapid-filter interim campaign feature


What platforms are supported?

Hire Insight is available on the web (all major browsers supported) so works beautifully with macOS and Windows and also on tablets or mobile devices.

To whom do we send beta invites?

Beta invites are available on a first come first served basis. For faster access, you can ask someone already using Hire Insight to refer you.

Where do I learn more?

We will be posting regular updates on our Twitter account: @hire_insight

What is the pricing structure?

Our pricing has 3 bands - up to 4 seats, 5-15 seats, over 15 seats. All bands have unlimited campaign and candidate allowances with options for volume pricing with our psychometric test partner. More info in the app.

Who’s behind Hire Insight?

Our app is built by recruiters, for recruiters frustrated with the lack of credible tech solutions for Recruitment Agencies.

Hire Insight is currently in invite-only stage.

Sign up to get early access.